Robbery Charges Withdrawn After Defence Counsel Highlights the Weaknesses In Crown's Case

Mr. H was a young, 18-year old man charged with robbery.  He had never been involved in the criminal justice system before.  He was one six people alleged to have mugged another young man, taking his phone and money, among other things.  Only three people were arrested.  One of the culprits was a youth, who pled guilty early on.  Another was an adult, like Mr. H, but he ended up disappearing and failed to answer to his charges.  So there left Mr. H.  It was clear to Ms. Bristow from the disclosure that the evidence against Mr. H was very weak.  Despite that, the Crown wanted to continue to prosecute the case.  It took three (3) judicial pre-trials to eventually convince the Crown that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction against Mr. H as identity was a significant issue.  The charges were withdrawn and Mr. H was able to go on leading his life without a criminal record.  

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